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Alternatives to Dialysis and Transplant for Kidney Failure Patients

Once your kidney damage develops to advanced stage, your doctor may suggest dialysis and transplant. Are there alternatives to them? Read this article, you will find the answer. With kidney failure, your kidneys are unable to filter the blo...Read More

How to Decrease Creatinine 2.85

My creatinine is 2.85 and it is increasing day by day, so please suggest me how to decrease it. ...Read More

Stage 4 CKD with Creatinine 5.5: What Does This Mean

My friend age 38 female has been detected with stage 4 CKD with creatinine level 5.5. What does this mean? We have just found out, so not on any treatment, but the doctor say that she may need dialysis soon. Please advice. ...Read More

How to Improve Blood Flow to the Kidneys for Kidney Failure Patients

With the progression of kidney failure, you may find that your kidneys become small. It is usually due to renal ischemia and anoxia. How to improve blood flow to the kidneys? Go on reading to learn more information. How does kidney failure...Read More

Alternative Treatment of Kidney Failure to Dialysis

Please suggest some alternative treatment of kidney failure to dialysis. Patient is female age 50 years. Doctors are insisting on dialysis. She is in hospital for the last six days. Three bottles of blood has been transfused to her. Her kid...Read More

How to Lower Creatinine Level in Kidneys After Transplant

After kidney transplant, many patients think that they can return to a normal life, but unexpected, creatinine level increases again. How to lower creatinine level in kidneys after transplant? Go on reading to learn more information. Elevat...Read More

Can I Stop Dialysis if My Kidney Function Improves

Can I stop dialysis if my kidney function improves? For some kidney patients, their kidney function improves a little after starting dialysis, but for some other patients, their kidney function declines gradually with dialysis going on. Do...Read More

Is It Possible to Regain Kidney Function After Dialysis

Is it possible to regain kidney function after dialysis? If you are acute kidney failure, it is possible, but if you are chronic kidney failure, most of your kidney tissues have been so severely damaged that it may be beyond their self-heal...Read More