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Are Green Leafy Vegetables Good for Nephrotic Syndrome

Many Nephrotic Syndrome patients are suggested to eat more green leafy vegetables, but are all these vegetables good for them? After reading this article, you can learn about its benefits and what kinds of vegetables are good choices for yo...Read More

Foods Needed by Patients with Minimal Change Disease

Minimal Change Disease (MCD) is one disorder in which a lot of protein leaks into urine. To deal with this kidney disease, a healthy diet can do a lot. Today, we are here to introduce foods needed by Minimal Change Disease patients. Kidney...Read More

Can Diet Reduce Creatinine Of 2.5 for Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Actually, for every Nephrotic Syndrome patient, especially for those with high creatinine levels, they should pay more attention to every aspect in their daily life than the normal people, especially diet. For Nephrotic Syndrome patients wi...Read More

Is Pear Good For Nephrotic Syndrome Patients

Just like apple, banana, pear is also a common fruit and loved by many people due to its delicious tastes. But it is not suitable for all the people. As we all know that for nephrotic syndrome patients, they usually have a strict diet requi...Read More

Are High Protein Foods Allowed with Nephrotic Syndrome

Nephrotic syndrome is not a specific kidney disease. It can occur in any kidney disease. Patients with nephrotic syndrome should follow a strict diet to prevent further kidney damage. Are high protein foods allowed with nephrotic syndrome?...Read More

Which Food Can Help Nephrotic Syndrome Anemia

There are many reasons for anemia, but anemia caused by kidney disease is often overlooked. Renal anemia is due to kidney damage, and its production of erythropoietin reduces. Nephrotic syndrome anemia is different from other causes of anem...Read More

Can Patients with Kidney Disease Syndrome Drink Milk

Diet of kidney disease syndrome patients is very exquisite, especially patients who are during treatment. Although nutritious, milk is not suitable to everybody. Nephrotic syndrome patients often appear protein losing, and leading to illnes...Read More

Food to Help Anemia in Nephrotic Syndrome

Anemia is a common complication of nephrotic syndrome. It severely intimidates the lives and health of patients. Therefore, people should find the causes of anemia and take a therapy according to the symptoms (Know more therapies for anemia...Read More