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Renal Parenchymal Disease Grade 2: Conventional Treatment VS Holistic Treatment

Renal parenchymal disease means the damage occurs in the parenchymal area where filtration and urine formation. Through consulting patients, few patients know what is the best treatment for the condition. Here we will mainly talk about two...Read More

Which Ayurvedic Medicine Is Suitable for Creatinine 11

My father creatinine level is 11 and he is on dialysis for 1 year, which ayurvedic medicine is suitable for him? The words come from one person who consult our online service. Now, for the question, lets have a see the passage. To be frank,...Read More

How Does Constant Hunger Occur in Diabetes

For diabetics, no mater how much food they take, they will become thinner and thinner. And they always feel hungry. How does increased hunger occur in diabetes? How to manage this condition fro diabetics? To know the latters answer, lets le...Read More