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Is There A Treatment for High Creatinine Level 2.15

Is there a treatment for high creatinine level 2.15? The question is often heard when the doctor tells your creatinine level is higher than the normal range. Actually, many factors contribute to causing the condition. Only finding out the u...Read More

Are Natural Herbal Supplements Good for Kidney Patients

Some patients put the forward a question on our website: are natural herbal supplement good for kidney patients? Some patients argue that the use of herbal supplements is unsafe if you have kidney disease. Is it right? Facts speak louder th...Read More

Treatment for Stage 3 Kidney Disease in China

Stage 3 kidney disease is a progressive disease and it is one of critical periods to control the development of illness condition. Nowadays, more and more patients take the characterized and effective treatment in China. Well then, what are...Read More

Does Elevated Phosphorus Cause Itching

Phosphorus is an important mineral that is presented in every cell of the body for normal function. However, when phosphorus level in blood increases, what will happen? Does it can cause skin itching? How does high phosphorus level occur? N...Read More

The Reviews of Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

More and more people leave messages about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheray to our websites. Indeed, it is a good and natural remedy for Kidney Failure or ESRD patients. There are the general reviews of this therapy. If you ar interested in...Read More

What Is the Consequence of Creatinine 4.65

For people with kidney disease, they are likely to suffer from high creatinine level. What does creatinine 4.65 mean? What is the consequence of creatinine 4.65? To know the answer, you should have a certain understanding of what is creatin...Read More

High Blood Pressure And Kidney Cysts: Causes and Treatment

Is there any connection with high blood pressure and kidney cysts? Can kidney cysts raise blood pressure? If you also have such question and doubt, then, please read this passage and you will find the causes and treatment for this symptom....Read More

What Treatments Are Used to Solve Dry Skin in IgA Nephropathy

IgA Nephropathy is a kidney disorder that occurs when a large amount of IgA immune complexes deposit in mesangial ares. and they will affect renal function and skin problems like dry skin, skin itchy and yellow or dark skin will occur. here...Read More