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Foods to Stay away from When You Have Lupus Nephritis

As we all know, no foods can cause lupus or cure it, but reasonable diet can help you improve your medical condition and physical condition. In this article, I will introduce you several foods to stay away from when you have lupus nephritis...Read More

Is Radish Root Good for Lupus Nephritis Patients

Is radish root good for lupus nephritis patients? My friend is suffering from the disease and looking for the proper diet and possible treatment. Please help her and thanks in advance....Read More

Can Coconut Water Be Consumed by SLE Patients

I love drinking coconut water but unfortunately, I was diagnosed with SLE last year and I am not sure that whether I can drink this beverage or not. I will be appreciated if you can do me a favor. Thanks in advance. ...Read More

Can Lupus Nephritis Patients Have Natural Spices in Their Diet

In daily life, we prefer adding some spices into our diet so as to improve the taste. However, for lupus nephritis patients, Can they have natural spices in their diet? If you or your loved one happen to be a patient, you should be reading...Read More

Can I Have Leafy Greens with Lupus Nephritis

As we all know, Kidney Failure is a progressive disease and different stages will cause different symptoms or discomforts for people who are tortured by renal failure. Well then, is stage 4 of kidney failure painful? Lets see the what is th...Read More

What Should Patients with Lupus Nephritis Eat

Lupus Nephritis patients are required to pay special attention to their foods, as some foods may aggravate their conditions. There is some advice for them to make a reasonable diet. To avoid the followingfoods Seafood and some meat 1. Seafo...Read More

Is Turmeric Good for Lupus Nephritis

Lupus Nephritis patients are cautious with their foods, because some foods may cause allergy or strain their damaged kidneys. Thus, is turmeric good for these patients? What effects does turmeric have? Lower blood fat Patients with high blo...Read More