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Life Expectancy of Kidney Transplant

For Kidney Failure patient, or ESRD (end stage renal disease) patients, in order to sustain or prolong life span, they may need to undergo kidney transplant. A successful kidney transplant improves the quality of life and reduces the mortal...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Be Cured By Kidney Transplant

Kidney transplant refers that a new kidney will take over the work of your dead kidneys. Most end stage kidney disease patients think that they will get rid of kidney disease forever if they undergo this surgery. Is that right? Frankly spea...Read More

Is Kidney Transplant the Only Way to Treat Kidney Failure

Many kidney failure patients consider kidney transplant as the only way to prolong their life. Is that true? Can kidney transplant treat kidney disease complete? Are there any other alternative treatments? After reading this article, you ca...Read More

What Should Patients Do after Kidney Transplant

For kidney failure patients, if kidney transplant is done successfully, they may mistakenly think that everything is all right. However, these sufferers still have a lot of things to do. Read on to get the answer. 1. Carry out regular follo...Read More

Top 3 Facts about Kidney Transplant

Kidney Transplant is a major alternative therapy for ESRD patients. It indicates a surgical procedure that places a healthy kidney into patients body. In this article, you can learn about top 3 facts about kidney transplant. Top 1 Sources o...Read More

Things to Do before Kidney Transplant

When kidneys are completely fail, kidney transplant maybe recommended to expand the life expectancy. Well, what should patients do before kidney transplant? 1. Mental preparation Keeping a good mood can help strengthen the confidence to ove...Read More

Creatinine 2.3 after Kidney Transplant for One and A Half Years

Q : I am a patient with kidney disease. I did kidney transplant one and a half years ago. But recently, I did a blood test in the hospital, finding my creatinine goes up again. Now I am suffering with creatinine 2.3 after kidney transplant...Read More

Can Kidney Transplant Completely Solve Renal Problems

Kidney Transplant is the preferred therapy for most patients who have sunk into the spiral of End Stage Renal Failure. Successful kidney transplant is able to exempt patients from necessary dialysis, thus treating Renal Failure more effecti...Read More