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How to Normalize Creatinine 2.2 for Kidney Failure Patients

Creatinine 2.2 is a slightly elevated creatinine level comparing to normal level (0.15-1.2mg/dl), which may mean more than half of renal function has been damaged. Therefore, it is significant to normalize creatinine 2.2 for Kidney Failure...Read More

Why Does A Kidney Failure Patient Have Frequent Urine

Urinating is a normal physiological phenomenon, but if you urinate a lot, you should be alert about your kidneys. In most cases, frequent urination is always associated with Kidney Failure. Well then, why does a kidney failure patient have...Read More

Does Kidney Failure Cause Dizziness

Kidney Failure patients often complain they has the feeling of dizziness. Why? Although dizziness is not life-threatening, it does harm to the life quality for the patients. Therefore, it is important to know something about the relationshi...Read More