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Is Corn A Food to Eat for Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is characterized by a great drop of kidney function. So patients with kidney failure should manage a proper diet to protect the residual kidney function. Is corn a food to eat for kidney failure? You should eat less corn in t...Read More

Can Eating Watermelon Cure Kidney Failure

There were rumors that Osama Bin Laden was suffering from kidney failure more than a decade ago. He could not go to a hospital, and had no choice but received the suggestion from a doctor. Then, he began to eat watermelon to eliminate the t...Read More

Is Vegetarian Diet Good for Uremia Patients

Many uremia patients are vegetarian for they think vegetarian diet can reduce the burden of the kidneys, and is conducive to disease control. Is this idea correct? Is vegetarian diet really good for uremia patients? Kidney disease experts p...Read More

Can Kidney Failure Patients with Systemic Edema Take Orange

A patient came down with Kidney Failure one year ago. He is suffering from serious systemic edema now. The serum creatinine value is 930umol/L. Thus, can he eat oranges? Orange is riches in protein, organic acids, vitamins, calcium, phospho...Read More

Kidney Failure with Creatinine 650:Can I Have Eggs

A patient who has been suffering from kidney failure for more than one year was checked out creatinine of 650 several days ago. Is it ok to take eggs for this patient? Would taking eggs affecthis condition? Principle of diet for kidney dise...Read More

Is Mung Bean Good for patients with Kidney Failure

Mung bean is commonly seen in our daily life. Do not look down upon it, it is nutritious. There are always people who asks is mung bean good for patients with kidney failure? Now there is the answer! Mung bean is not only good for patients...Read More

Walnuts and Kidney Failure

It is universally accepted that eating walnuts is benefit to the kidneys, or even can treat Kidney Stones. Thus, can Kidney Failure patients eat walnuts? If patients do not know much about the kidney failure diet, they might take many walnu...Read More

Can Kidney Failure Patients Take Fish Oil

Nowadays, more and more people, especially the elderly, eat fish oil for health care. Fish oil is oil derived from the tissues of oily fish. Fish oils contain the omega-3 fatty acids eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DH...Read More