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Is There Any Hope to Get off Dialysis through Osmotherapy

May dad is 69 years old and he is on dialysis since last year and he is diabetic, too. And his creatinine level is not too high and I just want to know is there any hope to get off dialysis through osmotherapy...Read More

Roles of Amino Acids in Kidney Health

What are the roles of amino acids in kidney health? Although some Kidney Failure patients are treated by the amino acids therapy, they dont know why need to supply the substances. Here lets see the function of amino acids for kidney health....Read More

What Does It Mean When Your Kidney Function Is 2.5

As we all know, our kidney is an important filter organ and it is mainly responsible to discharge various wastes and toxins from the body with the normal function. However, what does it mean when your kidney function is 2.5? How do you know...Read More

Acute Kidney Failure Life Expectancy

As we all know, Kidney Failure is divided into two types: acute kidney disease and chronic kidney disease. More and more kidney disease patients are curious about how long they can live with kidney failure. Then, how about acute kidney fail...Read More

How Long Can Someone Live with 14% Kidney Function

For people with 14% kidney function, their biggest concern must be how long can I live. In this article, we will talk about this issue in the following aspects. Common causes of kidney disease: To be honest, kidney disease can be caused by...Read More

Low Calcium Level in Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure patients always suffer low calcium level, which can cause many sufferings to them. What can they do to improve this condition? What are the symptoms indicating low calcium level? Calcium not only is the important constituent...Read More

Life Expectancy for GFR 12 and Creatinine 5.5 in Kidney Failure

How long can I live with GFR 12 and creatinine 5.5 in kidney failure? This is a question asked by a patient from Nigeria. If you have similar questions, please read on to get the answer. In clinic, glomerular filtration rate and creatinine...Read More

How to Increase Kidney Function in Kidney Failure Naturally

When kidneys suffer damage, kidney function will reduce. Therefore, many Kidney Failure patients are seeking ways to improve kidney function, and there are some natural ways to help them reach this goal. Limited-protein-diet: Excessive prot...Read More