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Kidney Failure And Cardiovascular Disease

For people with kidney failure, they can be influenced by many complications, which may interfere patients life quality and survival periods to a large degree. In this article, we will talk about cardiovascular disease in detail. Risk facto...Read More

Five Tips to Protect Kidneys with Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a terrible disease. Well, what should patients do protect kidneys and delay its progression. Get detailed information from the following tips: 1. Moderate intake of protein Metabolic products present in the body are mainly...Read More

How to Prolong Life Span for People with Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure, a condition in which kidneys completely fail to do its job. And their biggest concern can be how to prolong the life span. Frankly speaking, this target is related to many factors, such as, complications, treatments, diet, d...Read More

Who is More Susceptible to Kidney Failure

Kidney failure, or ESRD, refers to an advanced stage of kidney disease. Mostly, people with this disease have to undergo dialysis or a kidney transplant to sustain life. Well. Who is more susceptible to kidney failure? Fortunately, experts...Read More

Will Diabetes Definitely Lead to Kidney Failure

In recent decades, the incidence of diabetes have increased steadily, and diabetic nephropathy has become one of the leading causes of kidney failure. However, will diabetes definitely lead to kidney failure? According to the survey, about...Read More

Sexual Dysfunction in Kidney Failure Patients

Kidney Failure patients may experience sexual dysfunction, and the degree of kidney damage is consistent with decreased dysfunction. Well, what are the potential causes? Causes of sexual dysfunction in kidney failure 1. Nervous system damag...Read More

Can A Patient with Kidney Failure Survive without Dialysis

It seems that dialysis is unavoidable when the disease develops into kidney failure. But it is a fact that nobody wants to undergo dialysis. Then can a patient with kidney failure survive without dialysis? Dialysis is regarded as an artific...Read More

Why Do You Get Headache in Kidney Failure

Many patients with kidney failure are troubled by headache, which is one of the most troublesome symptoms. Do you have this trouble? Do you know why you get headache in kidney failure? This article will give you a general explanation. Pleas...Read More