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Kidney Failure: What is the Life Expectancy with 12% Kidney Function

Kidney failure is the advanced stage of kidney disease. Kidney function declines to 15% or even lower in kidney failure. In this stage, the life expectancy is the most concerned question. Then what is the life expectancy with 12% kidney fun...Read More

How Long Can I Live with Only 5% Kidney Function

Patients with 5% kidney function are going through end-stage kidney failure. The life quality and lifespan are deeply affected. Then how long can you live with only 5% kidney function? It is known to all that kidney is the blood cleaner of...Read More

How Long Can One Survive on Dialysis with kidney Failure

One with kidney failure has a litter remaining kidney function. The glomerular filtration rate declines to below 15%. Patients need to rely on dialysis to survive. Then how long can one survive on Dialysis with Kidney Failure? The lifespan...Read More

When is Dialysis Necessary with Stage 4 Renal Failure

Dialysis is a common treatment for patients with stage 4 renal failure. But it should be used in proper time. When is dialysis necessary with stage 4 renal failure? Why is dialysis needed? Kidneys are blood cleaners of our body. They are re...Read More

Does Renal Failure Affect Sex Life

Renal failure is the advanced stage of chronic kidney disease. It is known as severe loss of kidney function. Renal failure will affect the life of patients in different aspects. Some patients with renal failure asked does renal failure aff...Read More

When to Start Dialysis with Acute Renal Failure

Renal failure includes acute renal failure and chronic renal failure. Chronic renal failure is characterized by the rapid decrease of kidney function. That is the filtration function of glomerular will drop to below 50%. Are all patients wi...Read More

What Can Increase the Risk of Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is the advanced stage of chronic kidney disease. One kidney failure occurs, you should well manage it and prevent further damage to kidney. So what can increase the risk of kidney failure? There are some factors that can incr...Read More

Life Expectancy of Stage 5 Kidney Failure Patients

Stage 5 Kidney Failure, namely the end stage kidney failure, happens when the kidney function is below 10 percent of normal capacity. The body has difficulty producing urine, if it can make any at all. It also go with other symptoms such as...Read More