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How Does Ligusticum Wallichii Work for Damaged Kidneys

Traditional Chinese Medicine has a long history and has been used to treat various disease since ancient time. One of herbs called Ligusticun Wallichii, is a very precious and effective medicine which is packed with abundant medical value....Read More

Can I Take Blood Pollution Therapy in UK

Blood Pollution Therapy is the latest treatment for kidney disease or Kidney Failure patients. It has won a good fame from patients come from different countries. Well then, for British, there is a concerned question: can I take Blood Pollu...Read More

Are Antibiotics Safe for Kidney Disease Patients

Are antibiotics safe for kidney disease patients? This is a very concerned question for patients. Actually, the answer is different according to the different illness condition. Then, how?...Read More

Herbs to Lower Creatinine Levels in Blood

High creatinine level can be regarded as a dangerous sign for kidney disease patients. One of the urgent questions is how to lower elevated creatinine level naturally. Here we will introduce several herbs which have obvious effect on loweri...Read More

Age 84 with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3: What Can They Do

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive disease and there is no cure to treat, but we can do is to take necessary measures to stop at least delay the progression of illness condition. Of course, it is same to patients who are 84 years old w...Read More

What Are Creatinine Levels in Kidney Failure

Kidney Failure has an inseparable relationship with high creatinine levels. Actually, they are interrelated and interact on each other. But it does not mean all elevated creatinine level indicate kidney disease. Well then, what are creatini...Read More

Available Therapy to Avoid Dialysis for Lupus Patients

My child was diagnosed with Lupus and now does peritoneal dialysis. She still urinates and I am looking for different methods so she can get off dialysis. I appreciate it if you can do us a favor. Thanks you in advance! These words come fro...Read More

Stem Cell Therapy for End Stage Renal Disease

What is the stem cell therapy? How does it treat kidney disease? Here we will provide related info to you. If you are going to undergo dialysis or kidney transplant, you may can avoid them and try this therapy--Stem Cell Therapy. End stage...Read More