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What Is the Best Treatment for One Cortical Renal Cyst 10cm

Cortical renal cysts usually refer to the simple kidney cysts which is filled with clear fluids and sometimes some blood. If kept in small size and not ruptured, cysts cannot do cause any discomforts. However, a 10cm cortical cyst will be d...Read More

Hemorrhagic Renal Cyst Treatment

Hemorrhagic renal cyst is a terrible condition for patients with Kidney Cysts or Polycystic Kidney Disease. It is characterized by hemorrhage or bleeding in the renal cyst which can increase the risk of various infection, speeding up Kidney ...Read More

Is 3.5 cm Kidney Cyst Harmful to Kidney

Kidney Cyst refers that one fluid-filled sac grows in the kidney. It can be benign or malignant. Although the growth of kidney cyst is very slow, it runs high risk of enlarging. Once it grows to certain size, usually more than 3-5cm, it may...Read More

Is There Any Supplement That Help the Kidney Cysts

Is there any supplement that help the kidney cysts? More than half of people over the age of 50 have one or more simple kidney cysts. For small cysts, they are benign and do not cause any discomforts, while for big cysts, they may cause num...Read More

Is There Any Treatment to Remove Cysts from Kidneys

Cysts on the kidney may increase both in sizes and quantities as time goes on. If left untreated, the enlarged cysts not only oppress the kidneys tissues but also can aggravate other organs health. Therefore, the effective treatment should b...Read More

Kidney Cysts on Left Kidney: What Should I Do

The morbidity rate of renal cysts increases along with the aging of human. Kidney cysts refers that the cysts are found in the position of kidney. If left untreated, the cysts will enlarge and the kidney also will be involved. Some people pu...Read More

Is There An Alternative Method to Delete the Cyst

When diagnosed with kidney cysts, some patients will suffer from the numerous symptoms, while others have no symptoms at all. But all of patients are worried about the progression of illness condition. Is there an alternative treatment to d...Read More

Chinese Herbs for Kidney Cysts 3.5cm

Kidney cysts are hard to handle because the cysts are developing. There is no cure for it till now in clinic. But the good news is that Chinese herbs can help shrink the cysts and improve the life quality. Here I will talk about the Chinese...Read More