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Is 9cm Cyst in Kidney and Creatinine 3 Serious

The latest test report show 9cm cyst in my kidney and the creatinine level increases to 3, is this serious? What can I do to control my condition? This is a question raised by a patient from India. Generally speaking, when more than 50% of...Read More

Can Cortical Cyst Cause Flank Pain

Mostly, people with cysts in kidneys are plagued by many discomforts, for instance, blood in urine, proteinuria, etc. Well, can cortical cyst cause flank pain? Firstly, we need to know what is cortical cyst. Cortical cyst refers to fluid-fi...Read More

Will Kidney Cyst Cause Swelling

Kidney cyst, a medical condition featured by fluid-filled pouches in the kidneys. As the disease progresses, many symptoms will occur. However, well kidney cyst cause swelling? Mostly, the cysts can be detected during an imaging test or for...Read More

How does Itchy Skin Occur in Complex Kidney Cyst

Many kidney cyst patients complain that itchy skin occurs in their complex kidney cyst. They are suffering from a lot of pain and discomfort every day. How does itchy skin occur in complex kidney cyst ? Complex kidney cyst is more serious t...Read More

Can Kidney Cysts Cause Leg Cramps

Kidney Cysts is a common disease, especially among the elderly. According to the statistics, about half of people who are over 50% have kidney cysts. The large cysts will cause back pain. But some patients are troubled by leg cramps. Can ki...Read More

How Does Kidney Cysts Cause Itchy Skin

Some patients with kidney cysts complain that they are suffering itchy skin and it is bothersome. Itchy skin is a bothersome symptom of kidney cysts. How does kidney cysts cause itchy skin? What should you do to deal with this symptom? How...Read More

Why Polycystic Kidney Patients Get Back Pain in Menstrual Period

Polycystic kidney is a kind of hereditary kidney disease with multiple cysts appears in renal cortex and medulla. The reason for polycystic kidney patients feel back pain in menstruation is gradually enlarged cysts, which increasing the ten...Read More

What are The Symptoms of Complex Kidney Cysts

There are two forms of kidney cyst, simple kidney cyst and complex kidney cysts. The former one is often benign and cause no trouble to kidney function. it is round in shape and with thin wall, filled only with fluid. But complex kidney cys...Read More