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How to Stop Itchy Skin for CKD Patients

I have CKD and always itch every night and day. How do I stop them? Please help me and thanks in advance. I got the question from the Online Patient. Here I will give the related infomation and you will also see the answer. For your conditi...Read More

Treatments for FSGS Patients with Itching

Itching skin is the common symptom for patients with FSGS, which drives patients crazy. Well then, is there any good treatment can deal with the symptom? To know the root treatments, it is important to learn the underlying causes of itching...Read More

The Treatment for Body Itching Due to CKD

Body itching or skin itching is a common skins symptom for patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), which is a characterized with progressive loos in renal function over time. The symptom affects patients life quality seriously. Then, is...Read More

Lupus Nephritis: High Creatinine Level and Itching Skin

I have Lupus Nephritis, and I go between stage 2 and 3. Recently, I’m getting the body itching again. And last week labs showed creatinine level is 2.9. How to deal with the condition? ...Read More

Dry Skin Conditions Caused by Kidney Disease

Dry skin caused by kidney disorders causes itching, discomfort and sometimes, flaking. Along with progresses of illness condition, a build-up of waste in the blood makes the itching worse. Therefore, one of urgent things is how to deal with...Read More

Does Elevated Phosphorus Cause Itching

Phosphorus is an important mineral that is presented in every cell of the body for normal function. However, when phosphorus level in blood increases, what will happen? Does it can cause skin itching? How does high phosphorus level occur? N...Read More

Bubbles in Urine And Itching Legs: Causes and Treatment

What cause bubbles in urine and itching skin? For many kidney disease patients, surely they are familiar with them. How these symptoms appear on kidney disease patients? If you are confused or interested in this problem, please read on and...Read More

Why ESRD Patients Suffer Itching

Why ESRD patients suffer Itching? Here we will help you to get a well understanding about its causes and available treatments. ESRD is short for end stage renal disease, and it indicates that kidney almost lose all abilities and GFR is less...Read More