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What Symptoms Will Appear with Increased BUN

BUN refers to blood urea nitrogen, which is an important standard to learn about patients condition. As patients kidney damage is severer and severer, patients BUN level will become higher and higher. Kidney is a very important organ, which...Read More

What Foods Cause High Level of Urea Nitrogen in CKD

Chronic Kidney Disease should pay closely attention to their diet, especially those foods causing high level of urea nitrogen. There are some tips for you to avoid these foods. Why high level of urea nitrogen occurs? Urea nitrogen is a kind...Read More

Does Elevated BUN Level Mean Renal Insufficiency

For people with kidney disease,they are no strangers to elevated BUN level. Sometimes, patients may have such a doubt: Does it mean renal insufficiency? How does elevated BUN level occur? BUN, short for blood urea nitrogen, and it refers to...Read More

Does BUN Increase When GFR Decreases

Glomerular Filtration Rate, GFR for short, is a reliable indicator of kidney function. When GFR decreases, it may indicate that kidney function has been affected. BUN is a waste product in blood. Does BUN increase when GFR decreases? What w...Read More

What Does High BUN Mean

Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) is an indication of renal health. Normal ranges 3.2-7.1 mmol/L. If Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) and blood volume decrease (hypovolemia) then BUN will increase. Other factors responsible for its increment are fe...Read More

Does High BUN Level Mean Kidney Disease

BUN, also blood urea nitrogen, is a main indicator of kidney function. Urea nitrogen is the end metabolic product of protein. It is filtrated by glomerular, the main component of kidney, and then discharged through urine. So if the filtrati...Read More

How to Lower High Blood Urea Nitrogen in Diet

Do you know that blood urea nitrogen, the main advanced glycosylation end product of protein metabolism in human body can be temporarily rised by overmuch protein intake from diet? However, it is also one of the major methods to detect the...Read More

High BUN Level

Healthy kidneys take urea nitrogen out of the blood and remove it in the urine. If your kidneys are not working well, the urea nitrogen will stay in the blood. Just like high creatinine level, kidney disease patients care about natural ways...Read More