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Low Kidney Function Along with Shortage of Breath and Fatigue

A person with low kidney function is more prone to suffer from numerous symptoms and complications, among which shortage of breath and fatigue can affect patients health and life a lot. Here we will introduce its causes and possible treatme...Read More

What Are Good Foods for Kidney Dialysis Patients with Fatigue

Fatigue is a common symptom for patients who undergo dialysis. In order to relieve or ease the symptom, most patients have the concern: what are good foods for dialysis patients with fatigue? Now, lets see. The causes of fatigue for dialysi...Read More

How to Relieve Fatigue or Tired After Dialysis

Fatigue or tired is the common complaint among patients undergoing dialysis. It may makes the patients do not want to have another dialysis treatment. So far, one of urgent things for them is to relieve the feeling. Well then, is there any...Read More

Does FSGS Make You Achy and Tired

Does FSGS make you achy and tired? Commonly, some patients with FSGS may complicate that they are tortured by the extremely tired, achy, and have no motivation. Then, why they have the feelings with this kind of kidney disease? Follow the p...Read More