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FSGS: Can You Get Rid of Dialysis with Kidney Failure

FSGS is an autoimmune kidney disease and the illness is progressing. when the disease progresses into kidney failure, dialysis is needed. But many patients are tired of it. Can you get rid of dialysis with kidney failure? Now lets talk abou...Read More

Can People with FSGS Get Rid of Dialysis

Can people with FSGS get rid of dialysis? Many people with FSGS who are undergoing dialysis asked this question. It is a fact that nobody wants to do dialysis. If you want to know more, please go on reading. Usually, when kidney failure com...Read More

How Long Can I Live with Creatinine 8.7 in FSGS

Lifespan is a hotly discussed question among patients with FSGS. How long can I live with creatinine 8.7 in FSGS? A patient asked me a few days ago. Keep on reading and find the answer. What does it mean with creatinine 8.7 in FSGS? Creatin...Read More

FSGS: What Does It Mean with Creatinine 6.1

FSGS is regarded as the glomerular disease that part of the glomerulus are scarred. Normally, high creatinine level will follow as a result of glomerular damage. At what creatinine level is it dangerous? What does it mean with creatinine 6....Read More

What is the Life Expectancy of FSGS with GFR 32

GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) is an reliable indicator of kidney function. Patients with FSGS have glomerular damage and kidney function decrease. FSGS with GFR 32 indicates that the kidney function is moderated decreased. So what is the...Read More

What's the Life Expectancy of FSGS with Dialysis

Whats the life expectancy of FSGS with dialysis? Patients who are attacked by FSGS must be concerned with this question. Now please follow this article and I hope this article can give some answers. FSGS refers to the glomerular disease and...Read More

The Causes Symptoms and Treatment of FSGS

FSGS(Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis) is a pattern of kidney filtering system damage featuring as glomerular damage. It is a common cause of Nephrotic Syndrome(NS). It mostly occurs in children and adolescents. The causes of FSGS There...Read More

What is Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis(FSGS)

Kidneys contain millions of tiny filters, when these they are damaged they become scarred. And they can not filter appropriately in the end. This is called “glomerulosclerosis”....Read More