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Nausea and Vomiting in Diabetic Nephropathy

Some Diabetic Nephropathy patients experience nausea and vomiting, which not only causes suffering to patients but also deteriorates their conditions. This article will illustrate what causes this symptom and how to improve it. Why does nau...Read More

How to Deal with Sweet Taste in Diabetic Nephropathy

Some Diabetic Nephropathy patients are always annoyed by the sweet taste in mouth. The followings are some causes and advice for this symptom. High blood sugar Diabetic nephropathy patients have high blood sugar, and this will increase the...Read More

How Does Proteinuria Occur in Diabetic Nephropathy

In recent decades, the morbidity of diabetes is on the rise, so does diabetic nephropathy. Long-term high blood sugar level will cause many discomforts. Well, how does proteinuria occur in diabetic kidney disease? How does proteinuria occur...Read More

Diabetic Kidney Failure Symptoms

According to a study, the most common type of kidney failure is diabetics due to its damage to the kidneys. At the early stage of kidney failure, a diabetic may have no symptoms. However, as failure progresses, symptoms begin to develop. Al...Read More

Abnormal Sweating of Patients with Diabetic Kidney Disease

Some Diabetic Kidney Disease patients sweat easily. They always be drenched in sweat when do something, after a meal, or in nervous. And the weirdest bit is the sweatappear only on the face, but not on hands. Thus, whats the reason of abnor...Read More

Early Symptoms of Diabetic Nephropathy

For diabetics, the symptoms of proteinuria, body dropsy, anemia, high blood pressure, and bad kidney reaction are very dangerous. Even if only has one or two, you also should pay attention to them. It is likely to trigger a major complicati...Read More

Snoring May Sound Alarm for Diabetic Nephropathy

According to a latest report, sleep apnea may raise risk for Diabetic Nephropathy and even Kidney Failure. In fact, the most common symptom of sleep apnea is snoring. Therefore, snoring may sound alarm for diabetic nephropathy. 20% to 30% o...Read More

Lower High Creatinine Level in Diabetes Kidney Disease

Diabetes Kidney Disease is one of the complications of diabetes and proteinuria is the early symptom. But with further kidney damage, creatinine level increases. High creatinine level is the common clinical feature of patients with diabetes...Read More