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Treatment for Proteinuria in Diabetes Kidney Disease

Proteinuria means an excessive protein amount in urine. Normally, there is a little amount of protein in urine. The Proteinuria is an early symptoms of Diabetes Kidney Disease. So the Treatment for Proteinuria is very important for patients...Read More

Ketosteril for Diabetes Kidney Disease

Ketosteril has been used for Kidney Disease for years. It is quite suitable for patients with Diabetes Kidney Disease. Ketosteril for Diabetes Kidney Disease Ketosteril shows different effects in controlling kidney disorder caused by diabet...Read More

Management of High Blood Pressure in Diabetes Kidney Disease

High blood pressure is a common complication of diabetes kidney disease and it is also a major accelerator in worsening renal function.Therefore, it is important to manage high blood pressure in diabetes kidney disease effectively. ...Read More