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How Hemodialysis Helps A Person with PKD

In most countries, hemodialysis is widely used for treating and managing the PKD when illness condition develops into severe stage. Well then, how hemodialysis helps a person with this kind of kidney disease? Is there any side effects on pa...Read More

How Fast Chronic Kidney Disease Progresses

Chronic Kidney Disease is a progressive disease and it is uncurable. Due to this reason, more and more patients with kidney disease are concerned about their life expectancy. The following contents are excepted to be helpful for you. Chroni...Read More

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment for Oliguria in Kidney Failure

Oliguria refers that production of urine output is typically less than 400 ml/day in adults and can be one of the early signs of Kidney Failure. Why does kidney failure cause anuria, is there any symptoms or signs? How to deal with this sym...Read More

Creatinine 10.8 and Blood Urea Nitrogen 300: What Should We Do

In clinic, both creatinine and blood urea are often taken as an indicator to reflect how well kidneys are functioning. For creatinine 10.8 and blood urea 300 mean there is something wrong with your kidneys ans you may have Kidney Failure. T...Read More

How Does Blood Pollution Therapy Affect High Creatinine Level

Sometimes, high creatinine level can be life-threatening if left untreated. Have you heard about Blood Pollution Therapy before? Is there any connection with Blood Pollution Therapy and high creatinine level? Well then, letd have a look at...Read More

Is Bitter Taste in Mouth Related to Lupus Nephritis

Recently, I have bitter test in my mouth, leading to poor appetite. I doubt that it is caused by my Lupus Nephritis. Is it that? Could you do me a favor?...Read More

Blood Pollution Therapy for Shortness of Breath in Kidney Failure

Shortness of breath is one of common complications in kidney failure. Many doctors and patients have no idea how to deal with this problem from the root. Nowadays, with the development of medical technology, Blood Pollution Therapy is creat...Read More

New Treatments for Dialysis Patients

Dialysis may be used when kidney disease develops into ESRD (end stage renal disease). However, there is a fact that no one are willing to undergo dialysis because its numerous side effects and expensive costs. Then, is there any new treatm...Read More