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Protein in Urine and kidney disease

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protein in urineMost of kidney disease patients will experience protein in urine with the progression of condition, and poor control to protein in urine will undoubtedly influence the prognosis of the condition. If you are looking for natural treatment for your protein in urine, the following information must be helpful.

What is protein in urine?

Protein in urine is an abnormally high amount of protein found in a urine sample. The condition is often a sign of kidney disease, which can result from high blood pressure, diabetes and diseases that cause inflammation in the kidneys.

What are the risk factors for protein in urine?

The two most common risk factors for protein in urine are diabetes and high blood pressure. Both of them can cause damage to kidneys, which leads to protein in urine. Other types of kidney disease unrelated to high blood pressure and diabetes can also cause protein to leak into urine. Examples of other causes include: medications, trauma, toxins, infections and immune system disorders.

Protein in urine and kidney disease

As blood passes through healthy kidneys, they filter the waste products out and leave in the things the body needs, like proteins. Most proteins are too big to pass through the kidneys' filters into the urine, unless the kidneys are damaged. The two proteins that are most likely to appear in urine are albumin and globulin. Albumin is smaller and therefore more likely to escape through the filters of the kidney, called glomeruli. Albumin's function in the body includes retention of fluid in the blood. It acts like a sponge, soaking up fluid from body tissues.

Inflammation in the glomeruli is called glomerulonephritis, or simply nephritis. Many diseases can cause this inflammation, which leads to proteinuria. Additional processes that can damage the glomeruli and cause proteinuria include diabetes, hypertension, and other forms of kidney diseases.

What are the treatment options for protein in urine?

Protein in urine is not a specific disease. So its treatment depends on identifying and managing its underlying cause. If it is caused by kidney disease, appropriate medical management is essential.

In mild or temporary proteinuria, no treatment may be necessary. Drugs are sometimes prescribed, especially in people with high blood pressure and/or diabetes. These may come from two classes of drugs: ACE inhibitors and ARBs.

A low-protein diet will be commonly recommended for patients with proteinuria, which can control the condition to a certain degree. But it is nearly impossible to treat kidney disease by healthy diet only.

Experts do believe that the most efficient way to eliminate proteinuria is to make the kidneys work normally again by repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function. Nowadays, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is commonly used in clinic to treat various of kidney diseases. It is not used to help relieve symptoms of kidney disease, but to repair kidney damage and recover renal function, which is the reason why it becomes more and more popular around the world. If you are interested in Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, email us to to get more information.

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