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High Creatinine Level and Low GFR: What Does This Mean

2015-12-10 16:09| Font Size A A A

High Creatinine Level and Low GFR: What Does This MeanIn clinic, creatinine level and GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) are commonly used to reflect kidney function. Both of them also have a close relationship. Well then, what does this mean if a person suffer from high creatinine level and low GFR level?

Creatinine and GFR

Actually, for those that have developed kidney problems, serum creatinine test is a good indicator of renal functions. However, it is not very sensitive for detecting early renal damages. In the condition, nephrologists will recommend checking the patient’s GFR besides creatinine levels. GFR can better reflect the severity of renal damaged and residual renal functions and it can reflect early renal damage. Therefore, GFR is often used by the doctors to calculate the patient’s kidney functions and low GFR is often accompanied by High Creatinine Level.

As a metabolic waste, creatinine should be removed out of blood by the healthy kidneys. Glomeruli are the important filters for removing creatinine and other wastes from blood. However, when there is any problem with kidneys, impaired kidneys will fail to function well. Then, other wastes and toxins will build up in blood. Therefore, high creatinine level will occur. If it has trend to become higher, Kidney Failure may be caused eventually.

Through the analysis above, we can see that low GFR level will induce high creatinine level, and high creatinine level will also worsen low GFR level if left uncontrolled. All in all, if one person suffer from high creatinine level and low GFR level at the same time, it definitely mean the patient has Kidney Disease or Kidney Failure.

Well then, how to improve the condition?

For patients with the symptoms, lowering high creatinine level is not the end goal. However, if we have good treatments for improving GFR level, elevated creatinine level will be reduced naturally. From the point, we do prefer suggesting Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy to you, if comparing with Dialysis. Because dialysis is unable to repair kidney damage! If you have interest to treatments that we recommend, you can email to us at or leave a message below directly and we will do our best to help you!

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