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Should I Be Concerned About Bubbles in Urine

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Should I Be Concerned About Bubbles in Urine Should I be concerned about bubbles in urine? Since it is one of typical symptom of kidney disease and kidney failure, many people are worried about they have kidney damage. Today, please follow me to find out the answer.

Actually, whether should you should be concerned about foam in urine, it depends on the underlying causes of the condition, because it can be caused by many conditions. If you have trouble in dealing with the condition, you can email to or consult our Online Doctor directly.

Bubbles in urine with Chronic Kidney Disease.

One cause of foamy urine is more than normal proteins are being leaked into urine. If it does not go away after several days or it becomes even worse over time, there is a strong possibility that the foams in urine are due to kidney disease. Increased protein in urine might indicates renal damages and further evaluation is needed to confirm that. Proteinuria is a typical sign of kidney disease due to damaged renal filtration system. In routine urine test, proteinuria can be detected. In the condition, you should pay highly attention to your kidney health.

Bubbles in urine with Diabetes

Diabetes can also cause foams in urine which are often large and disappear quickly. This is because diabetes can change PH of the urine and increase urine sugar and urine ketone bodies.

Foams in urine caused by dehydration

Dehydration or lack of fluid intake can also cause the urine to be foamy or bubbly. In such case, drinking a lot of water and controlling the speed of urination can make the foams to disappear.

In addition, foams in urine is probably not something you need to be overly concerned about if it is caused by the following conditions:

1. Urinate urgently

2. Pregnancy

3. Urine frequency

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