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What Are the Possible Symptoms for Bilateral Parenchymal Disease

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What Are the Possible Symptoms for Bilateral Parenchymal DiseaseBilateral Parenchymal Disease is condition, in which the renal parenchymal in both kidneys are damaged. Generally, it means the scar tissues has replaced normal kidney tissues. To help patients enhance the raise awareness, here we will introduce related symptoms for patients with the disease. If you are suffering from one or more, it is important to draw highly attention to your health and take effective treatments ASAP.

Actually, there are millions of nephrons exist in the renal parenchymal area of each kidney. Nephrons are consisted of glomeruli-small blood vessels and tubules, which filters the blood throughout the body. Medical condition, obstructions or autoimmune disorders may all contribute to renal parenchymal disease like lupus nephritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. When renal parenchymal disease is seen on an ultrasound, it means that kidney has lost part or all of its function. And patients also will suffer a lot.

There are some common symptoms of the disease:

1. Hypertension (high blood pressure is one of leading causes of the kidney disease, in turn, it can be the common symptom for patients with the kind of renal disease)

2. Urine changes (difficulty urination or painful urination, dark urine, or frequent urination)

3. Swelling or edema ( frequently occurs in feet, ankles, legs, hands, or even eyelid)

4. Proteinuria and/or hematuria.

5. Pain ( back pain, flank pain or side pain)

After knowing the typical symptoms, then, how to deal with the condition?

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Through the above analysis, we know that bilateral parenchymal disease can be caused by numerous symptoms. To treat the disease from the root, it is important to take corresponding treatments. In Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital, many patients with kidney disease or even kidney failure live a new and healthy life again after characterized treatments. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the most popular treatment and the treatment processes just like the Chinese massage which make patients comfortable and painless.

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