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Symptoms or Problems of High Ammonia Level

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Symptoms or Problems of High Ammonia LevelAmmonia is a nitrogen waste compound that is normally excreted in the urine. An elevated blood ammonia is an excessive accumulation of ammonia in the blood. Actually, an imbalance in the ammonia levels in humans can be a sign of many health issues including liver and kidney diseases. Well then, what are symptoms or problems of high ammonia level?

Causes of elevated ammonia level

The normal ammonia levels in blood usually ranges from 25-60mcq/dL or 21-50mcmol/L. Liver dysfunction may cause elevated ammonia levels which can be an indication of many health issues. The condition may also be caused due to kidney diseases and dysfunction, due to which filtering of blood in kidneys is affected, leading to elevated levels of ammonia in blood.

Symptoms or problems related to high ammonia level

It is reported that elevated ammonia level is fairly common in infants, in whom the disease can be related to a genetic condition. In children, it may be related to Reye’s syndrome, while in adults, an elevated blood ammonia level may indicate kidney or liver damage or an underlying metabolic disease. In some cases, an elevated blood ammonia level will resolve on its own without treatment. However, in some condition, it need to take necessary and effective treatments. What’s more, aside from increased level of ammonia in the blood, other symptoms also can be induced such as muscle weakness, fatigue, lethargy and so on. In addition, if left untreated, elevated blood ammonia can affect brain tissue, leading to symptoms such as confusion and delirium.

Treatment for people with high ammonia level

Through the above analysis, to lower its high level, we can see that it is important to find out the underlying cause of high ammonia level. If related to kidney disease, it is necessary to repair kidney damage and recover renal function. Any questions, please do feel free to contact our Online Doctor or leave a message below directly.

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