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Bone Disease and Kidney Disease

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bone diseaseBone disease affects many people with chronic kidney disease. It puts you at risk for bone and joint pain, broken bones, infections and skin problems. The things that case your weak bones can also put you at risk for heart attacks. The following information about bone disease and kidney disease must be helpful.

What is renal bone disease?

The medical term “renal” describes things related to the kidneys. Renal bone disease is a bone disease that occurs when your kidneys fail to maintain the proper levels of calcium and phosphorus in your blood. It is a common problem in people with kidney disease and affects 90% of dialysis patients.

What does bone disease have to do with kidney disease?

Healthy kidneys help keep your bones healthy. They do this in two ways: healthy kidneys help your body use vitamin D. When your kidneys are not working, your body may not be able to use vitamin D like it should. This can cause your bones to get weak; healthy kidneys keep the right amounts of phosphorus and calcium in your body. When your kidneys are not working, too much phosphorus can build up in your blood. This can cause your body to pull calcium from your bones, making them weak.

If you have bone disease, what you should do?

-Take a phosphate binder. it is a kind of medicine that you take when you eat. It helps limit how much phosphorus your body absorbs from your food. Remember to take this with your meals so it can work.

-Take vitamin D. If your kidneys are not working, your doctor might prescribe calcitrol, a man-made vitamin D, to help calcium absorption.

-Limit how much phosphorus you eat. Avoid or limit how much of these high-phosphorus foods you eat to help keep your bones healthy. A renal dietitian can help you limit the phosphorus in your diet. Some foods are very high in phosphorus such as milk, cheese, red meat, dried beans and peas, nuts and peanut butter, whole grain bread, cocoa, dark sodas, beer and so on.

-Avoid tobacco. Using tobacco can make bone disease worse.

-Exercise. Exercise can help strengthen your bones and help keep them from breaking.

-To receive an efficient treatment which can help treat kidney disease from the root. In that case, the balance of phosphorus and calcium will be recovered. Moreover, dialysis and kidney transplant will be effectively avoid if the kidney function can be enhanced.

If you want to know more about bone disease or you still have other complications of kidney disease, you can directly talk to Live Doctor freely.

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