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What Pathological Conditions Increase the Uric Acid in Blood

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What Pathological Conditions Increase the Uric Acid in Blood High blood uric acid, also called Hyperuricemia, is the final product of purine metabolism in human beings. Usually, high blood uric acid can cause a variety of problems, such as gout, kidney stones, arthritis, urinary tract stones, Obstructive Nephropathy and so on. Well then, what pathological conditions can cause hyperuricemia?

It is reported that in human beings, approximately two thirds of urate is produced endogenously, and the remaining one third is from dietary purines. Actually, hyperuricemia can be caused by many factors. Now, let’s have a look.

If people eat too much foods that contain rich purines, such as meat, beans, plant buds, seafoods and so on, you are at high risk of getting high blood uric acid. In the condition, you should reduce the intake of purines. It is possible to reduce its level after limiting or avoiding intake of the products. However, if blood uric acid levels exceed its saturation, those substance can finally become crystalline and deposit in soft tissues. For people who suffer from the symptom for long-term, these crystallines may lead to obstructive urinary tract diseases.

In addition, renal failure is one of the more common causes of hyperuricemia. In the renal failure. The uric acid level does not generally become elevated until the creatinine clearance falls below 20mL/min. In addition, some conditions like metabolic syndrome like hypertension, obesity, insulin resistance is associated with a decreased fractional excretion of urate by the kidneys.

Through the above analysis, what can see that hyperuricemia can be caused by many factors. After

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