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Flank Pain Associated with Kidneys: Causes and Treatment

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Flank Pain Associated with Kidneys: Causes and TreatmentFlank pain is a common complain among patients with kidney damage. Indeed, some kind of kidney disease can cause flank pain to some extent. Now, let’s learn two topics: how does it occur in kidney damage? Well then, how to treat flank pain from the root?

To be frank, flank pain can be associated with various type of kidney diseases. You can find out the causes and possible treatments from the following content.

Flank pain and Polycystic Kidney Disease

Causes: PKD is characterized with multiple fluid-filled cysts growing on the kidneys. In the early stage, patients do not suffer from any discomforts, while when these cysts enlarge to the certain size, they will begin to oppress the kidney’s surrounding tissues and cells. Due to oppression, you will feel flank pain.

Treatment: From the underlying causes, shrinking cysts is very important. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can shrink cysts naturally by promoting blood circulation, increasing permeability of cysts wall and inhibit the absorption of cystic fluid. Different from the oral Chinese medicine, it is an external application of Chinese herbal medicines which help avoid the gastrointestinal tract damage and bitter taste.

Flank pain and Kidney Cyst

Causes: Flank pain is the common symptom among patients with kidney cysts. Different from PKD, kidney cyst is marked with one or several cysts. The causes of flank pain is the same to PKD, namely enlarged cysts or cysts rupture.

Treatment: Surgery is the common treatment to remove cysts, thus relieving the related symptoms.

Flank pain and Chronic Kidney Disease

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) refers to progressive loss of kidney function over a period time. Due to decreased renal function, kidneys are unable to discharge extra wastes and toxins from body. The accumulation of toxins and wastes will cause numerous symptoms like flank pain.

Treatment: Immunotherapy is a systemic and comprehensive treatment which is divided into six steps. The treatment not only can remove the immune complexes but also can repair kidney damage as well as improve kidney function.

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