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Is Blurry Eyes in the Morning a Sign of Kidney Problem

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Is Blurry Eyes in the Morning a Sign of Kidney ProblemMany people may have such doubt: why do I have blurry eyes after waking up? Actually, it can be caused by numerous factors. Well then, is blurry eyes in the morning a sign of kidney problem? Now, let’s have a discussion.

What is the blurry eyes or swollen eyes?

Swelling of the eye, also referred to as periorbital puffiness, refers to the presence of excess fluid (edema) in the connective tissues around the eye, most commonly the eyelids.

What can cause swelling of eyes?

A swollen eye can result from trauma, infections, or other injuries to the eye area. Virtually any cause of inflammation to the eye area may manifest as eyelid swelling, although allergic reactions are likely the most common cause. With allergic reactions, the eyes may also be red and itchy as well as swollen.

In addition, certain kidney disorder also can cause swelling in the eyelids. As we all know, our kidneys are important organs which are endowed with numerous functions. And one of important function is to filter extra wastes and extra fluid from the body. However, for patients with kidney damage, their impaired kidney may lose the ability, thus leading to swelling.

Nephrotic Syndrome is a disorder that is secondary to other illnesses, which is characterized by the a group of clinical symptoms like swelling, proteinuria, hyperlipidemia and so on. The damaged kidneys will lose the ability of filtering extra wastes and fluid effectively. When the fluid build up in the eyes surrounding tissues, it may induce swollen eyes. And glomerulonephritis is a kidney disease characterized by swelling.

Well then, how to deal with the condition?

In our Treatment center, we do use innovated treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to deal with the condition, just like Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath, Medicated Bath and so on. If you want to know details, please be free to contact us: or leave a message below directly.

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