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What Natural Remedies Can Be Started for High Creatinine 1.6

2015-01-17 17:30| Font Size A A A

What Natural Remedies Can Be Started for High Creatinine 1.6We all know the normal range of creatinine is 0.5-1.1mg/dl for females and 0.6-1.2mg/dl for males. Some people may found that their creatinine is relatively higher than the normal range. Once creatinine level increase to 1.6, are there any natural remedies can be started?

Let’s have a discussion about creatinine 1.6.

Creatinine 1.6 is higher than the normal creatinine level, even though it is not that high, it can tell patients with creatinine 1.6 that more than a half of renal function has been lost. Because the kidneys have very strong compensatory ability, the creatinine level will not increase until more than a half of kidney function has been lost. Therefore, creatinine 1.6 should arouse your enough attention. Creatinine is the metabolic products of muscle activity. And it also come from meat. Therefore, patients may have a temporary high creatinine level if they do some intensive and strenuous exercise and eat too much meat. In addition, if you have disease like dehydration, heart failure, you will also suffer from high creatinine level.

Then, what natural remedies can be started for high creatinine 1.6?

1. Drink water according to your illness condition.

Water is the best cleaner of the body so as to increase urine output. After the metabolic wastes are filtered out by the kidneys, most of them will end in urine. Drinking more water can increase your urination and excretion of wasteful products. However, if you also have swelling, you should limit the water intake properly.

2. Do proper and moderate exercise

Quitting strenuous and intensive exercise is very necessary. On the contrary, you can choose some proper exercise to help you lower high creatinine level and enhance your immunity, such as yoga, Taichi, jogging, Qigong and so on.

3. Regulate diet plan

In short, low-protein, low-sodium, low-phosphorus, low-potassium level diets can be recommended to patients with high creatinine level.

4. Herbal tea

Some herbal tea can be used as a natural diuretics which help discharge extra wastes from body such as dandelion root tea, corn silk tea, nettle leaf tea and so on.

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