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Poor Appetite for Kidney Disease Patients

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Poor AppetitePoor appetite can be a common symptom for kidney disease patients. There is no doubt that poor appetite may cause malnutrition, which influences the prognosis of the condition.

What is poor appetite?

Poor appetite describes the feeling of not being hungry, no desire to eat and/or no taste for any food. Also refereed to as “not hungry,” “loss of appetite” or anorexia.

How does kidney disease cause poor appetite?

As we all know, kidneys have the functions of removing wastes and excessive water out of body. Once the kidney function is impaired, the toxins and wastes will build up in the body, which makes the whole inner environment to be polluted. Once the digestive system is involved, poor appetite is likely to appear. The water retention will cause swellings in your legs, face, eyes etc, all these swellings you can see by your naked eyes. However, some internal organs also can be swollen, which you cannot see. So another cause of poor appetite can be the swollen stomach.

Kidney disease patients will be prescribed with various of medications to relieve symptoms and slow down the progression of condition. However, some certain medications can also cause poor appetite.

Patients suffer from stress at severe stage and it can affect their eating habits. Often it can be difficult to think about food when suffering from anxiety, frustration and irritability. So the result is a loss of appetite and the inevitable weight loss occurs.

Besides, poor appetite can become a common side effects of dialysis treatment.

How to cope with poor appetite for kidney disease patients?

-Water pills. Water pills, also known as diuretic, are prescript to alleviate the swellings in kidney disease patients. You are suggested to take water pills with the permission of your doctor. Also, some herbal tea works as natural diuretics. Poor appetite will be treated to a certain degree if swelling can be relieved effectively.

-Blood Pollution Therapy. It aims at eliminating various of toxins and harmful substances in the body by proper blood purification technique according to the types of harmful substances.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is based on Chinese herbal medicines, but used externally. This treatment aims at repairing kidney damage and recovering kidney function through a series of functions. Most kidney disease patients feel hungry and want to eat food after the first time of taking Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. Foreign patients describe it as Chinese massage, very comfortable.

-Healthy diet and living habit. It can help improve appetite and improve the prognosis of condition to a certain degree.

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