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Does Foamy Urine Always Mean Kidney Disease

2014-12-15 14:36| Font Size A A A

Does Foamy Urine Always Mean Kidney DiseaseSome patients may notice there are obvious foams in urine. In most cases, it is a typical sign of kidney disease. therefore they will worry about whether they have kidney damage or not. Well then, does foamy urine always mean kidney disease?

Actually, foamy urine can be caused by many factors. Here we will introduce two situations as your reference: foamy urine and kidney disease; foamy urine without kidney disease.

Foamy urine is caused by kidney disease.

Foamy in urine means that there is more than protein are being leaked into urine. Your kidneys make urine by cleaning extra fluid from your blood. Your kidneys also help prevent loss of substances that your body needs, like protein. However, when kidneys are damaged by some factors, the filtering units like glomerulus also can be involved. Useful substances like protein will leak into urine through the holes of glomerulus. A larger amount of protein in your urine may be an early sign of kidney disease. What’s more, along with the symptom, patients may also suffer from swelling or edema, and high blood pressure. All in all, whether it is always related to kidney disease, the earlier tests should be done so that you can get an diagnosis. If there is something that you do not understand, please mail us or leave a message below. Here, let’s have a look the other condition:

Foamy urine without kidney disease

As a matter of fact, foamy in urine is not always associated with kidney disease, and it can be caused by other disease. For example:

1.If people hold on urine for a long time and they will notice foams in urine from time to time. Also holding urine is not a good habit which can not only cause foamy urine but also can increase the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI).

2.Dehydration or lack of fluid intake also can case the urine to be foamy or bubbly.

Diabetes can also cause foams in urine which are often large and disappear quickly. Because diabetes can change PH of urine and increase urine sugar and urine ketone bodie

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