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Micro Albumin Urine Is 399.41: What Do I Have to Do

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Micro Albumin Urine Is 399.41: What Do I Have to DoAlbumin is a kind of protein that can be found in a microalbumin test. If your micro albumin urine is 399.41, what do you have to do?

Why the Test is Performed

Under normal condition, albumin won’t be found in the urine. When it passes through the kidneys, it will be reabsorbed. However, when the kidneys are damage, it can leak out since the glomeruli have become thicken and scarred.

Those who have diabetes for many years are likely to a kidney problem. This test can help them get treatment before the problems gets worse.

People with severe kidney damage may need dialysis. They may eventually need a new kidney (kidney transplant).

Meaning of albumin urine 399.41

Normal albumin levels in the urine are less than 30 mg/24 hours.

Abnormal results may also be reported as:

-Range of 20 to 200 mcg/min

-Range of 30 to 300 mg/24 hours

Causes of albumin urine

Most often, a high level of albumin in the urine is caused by diabetes. A high albumin level may also occur with:

-Some immune disorders

-Some genetic disorders

-Rare cancers

-High blood pressure

-Narrowed artery of the kidney

Healthy people may have higher levels of protein in the urine after exercise. People who are dehydrated may also have higher levels.

Things you can do for albumin urine 399.41

Without doubt, treatment should be based on the root cause. You should consult your doctor, or email your test report to us

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