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Renal Parenchymal Disease Grade 2: Conventional Treatment VS Holistic Treatment

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Renal Parenchymal Disease Grade 2: Conventional Treatment VS Holistic TreatmentRenal parenchymal disease means the damage occurs in the parenchymal area where filtration and urine formation. Through consulting patients, few patients know what is the best treatment for the condition. Here we will mainly talk about two Treatment options:conventional treatment VS holistic therapy.

Now, let’s learn some basic information of the conditions.

Renal Parenchymal Disease has three grades: grade 1, 2 and 3. Grade 2 is the moderate stage and not a very serious conditions. However, if no treatment is given as soon as possible, it will gradually develop to Kidney Failure eventually. As a result, Dialysis or Kidney Transplant will be required.

then, let’s see how curative effect will be with two different treatments.

Conventional Treatment

Generally speaking, conventional treatment just focus on relieving related symptoms, which can help slow down the progression of kidney damage but fail to stop kidney damage fundamentally. Therefore, if you just want to ease symptom, you can try it. However, if you want to stop it, the following methods are worth trying. Any questions, please email to and you will get free help from kidney expert.

Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment is also called systemic therapy, which can help stop renal parenchymal disease grade 2 from running to renal failure stage. In our hospital, Shijiazhuang Hetaiheng Hospital make full use of the methods to help patients.

1. Diet regulation

In grade 2, patients should keep a low-protein and low-sodium diet for reducing kidney’s burden. As for the specific daily dosage and other restrictions, we will design according to patients’ illness conditions. All in all, a friendly-kidney diet plan is the guarantee for keeping the body health.

2. Natural Treatment plan

In our center point, we do mainly use innovated treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. One of the most popular therapy is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. It is a very good herbal treatment which not only repair some injured kidney tissues, but also strengthen residual kidney tissues. More importantly, this treatment is harmless, because all the herbs are used externally. In addition, other support or assistant therapies include: Blood Pollution Therapy, Foot Bath, Immunotherapy, Medicated Bath, Hot Compress Therapy and so on.

3. Keep healthy lifestyles

-no smoking, no drinking of alcohol and no staying up.

-regular test and regular physical exercise.

-release stress and keep active attitude.

-prevent cold and flu through strengthening immune system.

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