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Is Surgery the Only Treatment Option for Cysts in PKD

2014-03-12 19:06| Font Size A A A

Is Surgery the Only Treatment Option for Cysts in PKDIn clinic, surgery is commonly used to treat cysts in PKD. Well, is surgery the only treatment option. Nowadays, this issue has become a hot topic among PKD patients.

Firstly, a basic understanding about the advantages and disadvantages of surgery is essential.


It can be used to remove big cysts effectively, and the therapeutic effects are usually obvious.


1. It is risky, if wrongly treated, there can be traumas to the kidneys.

2. This therapy can do nothing to refrain the secretion of cystic fluids.

3. It fails to deal with cysts that formed in deeper parts of the kidneys.

From the above analysis, we can come to know whether surgery is suited or not. Fortunately, experienced nephrologists here have bring patients with good news.

What is the alternative treatment for cysts in PKD?

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This treatment is innovated on the basis of traditional Chinese medicine, but applied externally. Compared with surgery, it is endowed with the following functions:

1. The herbs are all carefully selected from nature and they will not cause harm to the human body.

2. It is easy to be operated and comfortable. During the treatment, if patients feel bored, they can choose to listen to music to relax themselves.

3. By extending blood vessels, blocking inflammation, anti-coagulation and increasing the permeability of cystic wall, the cysts can be shrunk to a normal size, what’s more, it can help improve kidney function. Besides, the some short-term effects like sweating, decreased blood pressure, increased appetite, etc can be attained.

4. In addition, each herbal formula is prescribed on the individuals’ condition. If you are want to get a personalized advice, why not email us your test report to quickly? After further analysis, we will contact you as early as possible.

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