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Natural Treatments for Anemia in PKD

2014-01-17 18:25| Font Size A A A

Many PKD patients suffer from anemia, which is a sign of kidney damage. Many patients are looking for natural treatments for anemia. Here I will introduce you some natural treatments for anemia in PKD.

How does anemia occur in PKD?

Anemia refers to the reduction of red blood cells in blood. When the cysts oppress the surrounding kidney tissues, kidney function will be affected. Kidneys are in charge of secreting EPO, which can stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. The damaged kidneys are not able to secret enough EPO, and as a result, there will will be short supply of red blood cells. So anemia occurs.

Natural treatments for anemia.

A. Diet treatment.

You should supply yourself some foods that are rich in iron, which can help make red blood cells. Vitamin B12 and folic acid are also helpful for some patients with anemia. You should consult the your doctor for how much iron you should take everyday. Talk to your doctor before you make some diet change. You can also talk to the online doctor for some help.

B. Healthy lifestyle.

If you develop anemia, you may feel tired, dizziness or headache. You may be reluctant to do activities. But few activities will lower your immunity, which is not good for your recovery. So you are suggested to do some moderate activities, such as swimming, jogging and walking.

C. Chinese medicine.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is the innovative form of traditional Chinese medicine. It is natural and safe and externally used. This therapy aims at repairing the damaged kidney cells and improving kidney function. Once the kidney function is improved, the EPO secretion will be increased and red blood cells can be increased as a result.

Besides improving kidney cells, this therapy can also control the condition of PKD by shrinking the cysts and preventing the growth of cysts. If you want to know this therapy, you can ask the online doctor.

The aboves are the natural treatments for anemia in PKD. As long as you have confidence in yourself, you can get over the disease. Any follow-up questions? Send me an email to, I will give you a reply in 48 hours!

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