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PKD with High Blood Pressure: How to Prevent Kidney Failure

2014-01-16 23:36| Font Size A A A

Many patients with PKD are suffering from high blood pressure. Those patients are more likely to develop into kidney failure. So it is important for those people to prevent kidney failure.

It is reported that few patients with PKD will develop kidney dysfunction before 40 years old. However, those with high blood pressure will develop kidney failure more quickly. So it is important to bring high blood pressure under control to prevent kidney failure.


High blood pressure may be accompanied by headache and dizziness. If you do have these feelings, you should go to hospital to take a check. Your doctor may prescribe you some anti-hypertension drugs, like ACEI and ARBs.


Exercise is recommended for patients with PKD, especially for those with high blood pressure. Swimming, waking, jogging and biking are good for those people. But some activities that are harmful to kidneys should be avoided, like contact sports.


You should pay attention to your diet especially. If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure, you should reduce salt in your diet to help control high blood pressure. It is not wise for you to eat extra protein for it will increase the burden of kidneys. To maintain a healthy weight, diet low in fat and moderate in calories is recommended. If you want specific diet plan for your condition, please consult the online doctor, he will provide you free help!

Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine is regarded as the ideal treatment for PKD with high blood pressure. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovative Chinese medicine. It is externally used. One of the important functions of this medicine is to dilate blood vessels. High blood pressure have resulted in hypoxic-ischemic of kidneys. Dilating blood vessels can improve the blood supply, thus to relieve hypoxic-ischemic of kidneys and high blood pressure.

In addition, this therapy can repair the damaged kidney cells and improve kidney function. Therefore, the high blood pressure will be controlled and kidney failure can be prevented successfully. If you want to know detailed information about this therapy, you can send an email to for a reply.

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