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Chinese Herbs for PKD with Creatinine 5.6

2013-12-22 23:44| Font Size A A A

When PKD(polycystic kidney disease) cause sever kidney damage, high creatinine level will occur. Some patients’ creatinine level reaches 5.6 or even higher. More and more people are searching for the Chinese herbs for PKD with creatinine 5.6. Now I will give more information which are effective to treat PKD.

What does creatinine 5.6 mean in PKD?

The creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscle. Normally, the creatinine level will be kept in a certain level because kidneys are in charge of discharging the extra creatinine. The creatinine level will not go up unless part of the kidneys are damaged. Creatinine 5.6 indicates that the kidneys have been severely damaged. That is the cysts have seriously affect the function of kidneys.

The Chinese herbs for PKD with creatinine 5.6.

The traditional Chinese medicine has a long history and is highly appreciated in treating kidney disease. Our hospital has selected seven TCM therapies and organically and formed a set of stereoscopic therapy. Here I will introduce you some of them.

Hot Compress therapy. This therapy aims at discharging the pathogenic factors in kidneys and recovering the healthy qi thus to improve kidney function. This therapy is externally used with an osmosis device, which can help permeate the herbs into the kidney lesions. The creatinine level can be lowered with this therapy.

Cycle therapy. This therapy is to crush the Chinese herbs which can discharge toxins in blood and smear them on the body. Then the doctor will draw gyrate cycles on your body and then toxins will be discharged. So the creatinine level will be reduced.

Full bath therapy. As its name suggests, patients who takes this therapy is like taking a bath. The doctor will add different Chinese herbs into the bath fluids based on different conditions. The effective ingredients in the herbs will immerse into the body and take effects. The toxins will be discharged through sweat and urine.

All of the Chinese medicines are natural and safe. Besides, they are comfortable and patients do not need to go through pain. In addition to discharge toxins in the blood, the most important function of them to PKD patients is to shrink the cysts and prevent the progression of cysts. Do you have any interests about the Chinese herbs? If you have, you can consult the online doctor for more information. You are also welcomed to send your medical report to, the kidney expert will give a reply based on our condition.

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