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PKD with Creatinine 7.5: How to Lower High Creatinine Level without Dialysis

2013-12-20 19:38| Font Size A A A

PKD(polycystic kidney disease) is a chronic and genetic kidney disease. High creatinine level will occur when the cysts cause kidney damage. It seems that only dialysis can lower creatinine 7.5. Is there any other treatment? How to lower high creatinine level without dialysis?

Normally, PKD with creatinine 7.5 has progressed into kidney failure. So it is a pressing issue to lower creatinine 7.5. Dialysis is a commonly used treatment to lower creatinine level. By discharging the accumulated creatinine in blood, creatinine 7.5 can be lowered. But patients who are on dialysis will suffer a lot and they are often tormented by the side effects of dialysis, such as dizziness, poor appetite, nausea, vomit, itchy skin, muscle cramps, anemia and so on. So many patients are afraid of dialysis.

Alternative treatment to lower creatinine 7.5 in PKD.

If you are tired of dialysis, you can try the Chinese medicine, which has received a lot of welcome from many patients. There is one treatment called Hot Compress, which is especially welcomed. It is different from the traditional orally taken medicine, it is used externally. Patients who take this therapy will feel comfortable and relaxed.

This treatment takes effect on the kidney lesion when an osmosis device permeating the herbs into your body. The damaged kidney cells can be repaired through such effects: dilating blood vessels, degrading extracellular matrix, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation. Besides, the herbs can also provide nutritions to your kidneys.

After taking this treatment sever times, you can receive a good effect. Your creatinine 7.5 can be lowered greatly.

It is different from dialysis, once the creatinine is lowered, it is not easy to go up again, because it is lowered by improving kidney function.

If you are interested in this treatment, you can ask the online doctor for further information. Dialysis is not the only way to lower creatinine 7.5 in PKD. You are welcomed to send me an email to *** if you have other symptoms!

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