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How to Shrink PKD Cysts with No Operation and No Pain

2013-11-04 15:22| Font Size A A A

PKD cysts is difficult to treat because the cysts can enlarge and increase. The cysts will cause bach pain, high blood pressure, foamy urine and blood urine. So shrinking the cysts is important to treat PKD. So how to shrink PKD cysts with no operation and no pain?

Operation for PKD cysts.

In the west, the most common method to deal with PKD cysts is to use operative treatment. The operation can alleviate the pressure of the large cysts to the kidney cysts by removing them away. But once the large cysts is removed, the small cysts will have more chance to develop and thus cause pressure to the kidney tissue again. What’s more, to remove the large cysts is not the root method because it cannot inhibit the secretion of the cystic fluid. The operation will cause much pain to patients and it takes time for patients to recover.

Shrink PKD cysts with no operation and no pain.

The root method is not to remove the large cysts aways but to shrink the cysts. Here are two natural treatments to shrink PKD cysts with no operation and no pain.

Immunotherapy. PKD is an immune disease. Immunotherapy is developed to treat immune disease. This therapy aims at regulating the immune system. Once the immune system works normally, the cysts can be controlled.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This therapy is developed from the traditional Chinese medicine. It is helpful in shrinking PKD cysts by expanding blood vessels. This can promote the blood circulation thus to generate pressure between the blood vessels and kidney cysts. As a consequence, the cystic fluids will be forced to flow into the blood and discharged through urine. As long as the fluids are discharged, the cysts can be shrunk. This therapy requires no operation and brings no pain. On the contrary, it is comfortable and safe.

With immunotherapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, you can shrink PKD cysts with no operation and no pain. You are welcomed to contact the online doctor or send email to for more detailed information.

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