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Is Cordyceps Sinensis Good for Patients with PKD

2013-10-31 14:33| Font Size A A A

Is Cordyceps Sinensis Good for Patients with PKDCordyceps sinensis is one of the traditional Chinese tonics. It is well received by more and more people because of its health protection. Is cordyceps sinensis good for patients with PKD?

It is widely recognized that cordyceps sinensis is a kind of precious and rare herbs and its utility is known by more and more people. It is has a great effect on tumor, heart disease, liver diseases and kidney diseases. So cordyceps sinensis is good for patients with PKD.

As we all know that more than 95% of kidney diseases are associated with immune system disorder or immune dysfunction. Because of kidney damage due to PKD, the immune system of patients with PKD is disturbed. It is important to regulate the disordered immune system. It is reported that cordyceps sinensis has great effect on regulating immune system and enhance the immunity.

Fatigue is the common symptom of patients with PKD. One of functions of kidney is to secret erythropoietin that can generate red blood cells. With kidney damage, there is not enough erythropoietin secretion and the red blood cell will be decreased. So the blood supply in the body is reduced and fatigue occurs. Cordyceps sinensis can fight against fatigue by enhancing the energy of the cells in our body and regulating the hematopoiesis function.

If PKD worsens to kidney failure, some patients will go through dialysis, while dialysis will generate a series of complications, and heart failure is one of them. Cordyceps sinensis does good to fight heart failure by improving oxygen in heart.

All in all, cordyceps sinensis is good for patients with PKD. The medical value of cordyceps sinensis is beyond your imagination. If it is combined with other Chinese herbs, the effect will be more obvious. You can consult the online doctors for more information about the Chinese herbs and their effects or you can leave a message below!

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