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Good News: Kidney Size Shrunk 4 cm With PKD

2017-03-24 11:49| Font Size A A A

Kidney Size Shrunk 4 cm With PKD“Sister, look my test reports, my kidneys shrunk 4 cm after treatment.” little brother said to his sister. And the sister cried with joy saying “I know we made a good choice, and it is really good news for us.” When you hearing this dialogue do you know what happened? Let’s share the good news to you.

As we know, PKD is a genetic kidney disease, and xiao jin was unfortunatelly born in such a family. Several months ago, his sister was diagnosed with PKD, and didn’t find any effective treatment for her case. So she went to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, and her disease was controlled by taking Chinese medicine treatment. After getting discharged from our hospital, she asked her family members to have checkups for their condition. When xiao jin knew that his brothers and sisters are normal, so he didn’t pay attention and did no test for his condition.

However, on March, 2017, xiaojin took regular checkups and made a CT scan, it showed he also has PKD, and he was so worried. After back home, xiao jin told his sister, and his sister decided to bring him to SJZ-kidney hospital as well. When xiao jin just came, all his index in reports are normal, however, due to enlargement of his cysts, his kidneys got enlarged as well. His kidney size showed 178*88*70mm in right kidney, and 189*97*88mm in left kidney.

After analyzing his case, the doctor made systematic treatment plan by using different Chinese therapies, such as maikang mixture, oral Chinese medicine, hot compress therapy, foot bath, navel therapy, and so on. These therapies aim at restrain the growth of cysts trend, inactivate cyst epithelial cells at the same time, and accelerate the cyst fluid excretion. In this way, cysts can be shrunk and it can also stop further growth of cysts in kidneys.

After taking systematic treatment for about 10 days, his cysts got shrunk, and both his kidneys shrunk as well. The recent CT scan showed right kidney 161*90*74mm, left kidney size 170*93*81 mm. Xiaojin was so glad that his kidneys shrunk 4 cm, and he said he will take continue treatment for his PKD. He hopes that he can live a normal life like others. In fact, it is also our wish to help more renal patients with our Chinese medicine treatment.

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