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What Should PKD Patients Do If A Cyst Burst on Kidney

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What Should PKD Patients Do If A Cyst Burst on KidneyPolycystic Kidney Disease is one type of chronic kidney disease that progresses slowly, and PKD kidney cysts become larger and larger. The bigger kidney cyst, the higher incidence of kidney cyst burst. Quite a number of PKD patients suffer at least one time of kidney cyst burst all their life. Well then, what should they do if a cyst burst on kidney? You can add my Whatsapp or Viber +8615512139310 for learning more information.

How to know cyst burst on your kidney?

1. Pain

When a kidney cyst ruptures, the first symptom in patient’s renal area should be his kidney pain.

2. Blood in urine

Because there are blood capillaries in the kidney cyst wall. When the cyst bursts, blood will flow out, resulting in blood urine.

3. Infection

Infection is common when rupture appears in patients’ kidney cyst. On the contrary, if patients suffer from infection before rupturing, the infection also can induce cysts’ rupture.

What should you do to deal with the condition?

Home remedies:

1. Drink more water

Once you find your cyst bursts, you should drink plenty of water to help discharge the blood from your body, in case that blood clots. Of course, if you do have severe swelling, you should reduce water intake and seek professional guidance.

2. Medicines

In order to avoid infection, some antibacterial may be prescribed. If the back pain is very severe, painkiller may be needed. But you should eat these medicine under the instruction of your doctor, because some of them have renal toxicity.

Systemic Chinese medicine treatment

Te key to manage the cyst burst is to shrink kidney cysts and protect residual renal function effectively. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be your good choice if you can come to Beijing Tongshantang Hospital China. Some Chinese medicines in the treatment are proven to be effective on prompting the reabsorption of sac fluid, increasing the blood flow to kidneys and nourishing kidney functioning tissues. As more and more cystic fluid is discharged from the body, all of kidney cysts will become smaller and smaller. As long as kidney cysts are kept in small size, PKD patients will live with their own kidneys safely and asymptomatically. You can email to us at for getting individualized treatment plan. 

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