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Chinese Medicines for PKD Patients with Creatinine 3.34

2015-10-22 15:50| Font Size A A A

Chinese Medicines for PKD Patients with Creatinine 3.34Creatinine 3.34 in patients with PKD should be alerted and treated well. Because creatinine level is an indicator to reflect renal function. Here, we will share more popular and natural treatments to lower high creatinine level rather than Dialysis. Namely, Chinese Medicine Treatments.

PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) is an inherited disease which can cause numerous fluid-filled cysts on the both kidneys. Usually, patients are asymptomatic if the cysts are small in sizes. But along with progression, patients are prone to experience various symptoms, which can affect patients’ life a lot. Generally speaking, creatinine level won’t increase until half of renal function has been damaged. 3.34 creatinine level indicates that the PKD patient’s kidneys have been damaged severely. Actually, the very root cause of elevated creatinine level is the kidney damage. Therefore, to lower high creatinine level fundamentally, it is important to repair kidney damage for polycystic kidney disease patients.

Can Chinese medicine therapy be helpful?

Of course. After many years of clinical research and practice, we have found the following treatments show significant curative effects on patients with polycystic kidney disease. If you’d like to learn more details, you can email to us at or chat with me by Whatsapp or Viber +8615512139310.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The therapy can help patients lower high creatinine level by shrinking cysts and improving renal function. The active ingredients of medications can help expand blood vessels around cysts, speed up blood circulation and increase permeability of cyst wall. In addition, herbal medicines can drain cystic fluid naturally. As long as cysts get no enough cystic fluid, they will stop growing. Then, kidneys also can avoid damage. As a result, high creatinine level also can be reduced effectively.

Medicated Bath

it is an external application of Chinese herbal medicine. Patients soak themselves in the medicated liquid for 30-45 minutes. The efficiency of herbal medicines will enter into the internal body through the warm gas. In the condition, wastes and toxins in blood can be removed effectively through excretion of sweat and urination. Meanwhile, the good blood environment also lay a soild foundation for reducing cysts and kidneys cells repairmen.

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