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How to Deal with Frequent Infection with PKD

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PKD, which is short for polystic kidney disease, is a common disease of kidney disease. Patients with PKD always suffer from frequent infection. The urinary tract infection is a commonly seen symptoms of PKD. Then how to deal with frequent infection with PKD?

Before you know how to deal with PKD with frequent infection, you should first know the causes of infection, especially the urinary tract infection.

As its name refers, PKD means that a cluster of cysts grow in your kidney. These cysts can grow bigger and more. With the growth of these cysts, they will squeeze each other. The fluid in the cysts will spread into other part of our body if the cysts rupture. The urinary tract is the easy part to get infected.

Kidney stone is a common complication of PKD. The small stone can be discharged through urinary tract and sometime it will hurt the epithelial cell of urinary tract thus cause frequent infection. The bigger stone will block the urinary tract and this can also lead to infection.

With the decrease of kidney function, the immunity is decreased, and our body cannot fight well with the virus and causative agent. That’s why frequent infection occurs.

How to deal with frequent infection?

One way to prevent frequent infection is to control the growth of the cysts. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is suggested for you because one of the effective functions is anti-inflammation, which will kill the inflammatory factor and ease frequent infection.

To improve immunity is also necessary. You can do proper exercise to improve the immunity, like stroll, jogging, swimming and so on. But do not do extensive exercise to prevent the cyst rupturing.

Eat a healthy diet is a good habit for PKD patients. Eat more vegetables and fruits to supply the enough nutrition. Avoiding the high-protein food to lower the burden of kidney.

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