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What Is the Fast Treatment or Medicine for PKD Patients

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What Is the Fast Treatment or Medicine for PKD PatientsPolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is the most life-threatening genetic disease which is characterized with numerous fluid-filled sacs growing in the kidneys. Along with the progression of illness condition, they are prone to suffer from various symptoms and complications, which can severely affect the patients’ life. What is the fast treatment or medicine for polycystic kidney disease patients?

To be frank, there is no cure at present for curing kidney disease, but what you should do is to slow down or control the development of polycystic kidney disease. In most people’s views, western medicines like pain killers, steroids, hormones, and so on, can be effective to relieve the related symptoms like back pain, proteinuria, swelling, and so on. In addition, surgery is usually applied when if you have signal and bigger cyst. It can remove the cyst in the sort time. However, surgery is not suitable for dealing with multiple cysts. And long-term intake of these medicines will produce more adverse effects. Therefore, to slow down the progression of PKD, the key point is the curative effect rather than speed.

Well then, what treatment can you take now?

In our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of China, we do use Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to treat kidney disease. In our center point, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be recommended to you. It is an external application of herbal medicines which cannot only can help avoid the bitter taste of Chinese herbal medicine but also can help avoid other organs’ damage. The active ingredients in the treatment can help shrink cysts naturally through expanding blood vessels around cysts, speeding up the blood circulation and increasing the permeability of the cyst wall. As long as kidney cysts can be shrunk naturally, kidney function can be well improved. Although the process of treatment needs a long time, but it can treat disease from the root. If you have interest, please talk with our Online Doctor directly or email to and we will do our best to help you.

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