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How Can We Lower 5.7 Creatinine without Dialysis for PKD Patients

2015-03-27 10:05| Font Size A A A

How Can We Lower 5.7 Creatinine without Dialysis for PKD Patients How can we lower 5.7 creatinine without dialysis for PKD patients? From the creatinine level, we can see that PKD patients have a severe kidney damage. Even though, as long as you still hope to have a improved quality life without dialysis, alternative and effective treatment will help you realize it.

Facing so much higher creatinine level, dialysis is usually suggested by you doctor, so as to help the damaged kidney filter wastes. Creatinine level 5.7 is indeed extremely higher than the normal range (0.5-1.2mg/dl). In the case, your kidney function may be severely damaged you may be offered to do dialysis or kidney transplantation.

However, some patients can not do dialysis or kidney transplantation due to their own healthy conditions. So what else can patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) do to lower their creatinine level and increase their kidney function?

1. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotheapy

It is a therapy that aims at treating kidney disease. It is the combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and modern medical technology. In the therapy, by using advanced osmosis device, we can transport the effective ingredients into kidney directly, so it will also have more effective effect comparing with oral method. As long as kidney function can be well improved, high creatinine level will be reduced from the root.

2. Blood Pollution Therapy

The treatment mainly focus on clearing the polluted blood, not only the kidney. It makes full use of various blood purification technology like hemofitration, plasmpheresis, etc. In addition, it also combines traditional Chinese medicine and west medicines. All in all, the inflammatory factor in blood can be reduced gradually.

3. Healthy and balanced diet plan

You should have a plant based diet. The creatine is found in animal products. Creatinine is the metabolin of muscles in the body and is made from creatine. If you still eat more meat or animal products, creatine and creatinine will increase in your body. In this case, you should consume a plant based diet, which also reduces the burden of extra creatine and creatinine circulating through your body.

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