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How to Deal with Kidney Cyst 5.6 cm in Polycystic Kidney Disease

2015-01-21 17:21| Font Size A A A

How to Deal with Kidney Cyst 5.6 cm in Polycystic Kidney DiseasePolycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) refers that numerous filled-fluid sacs growing in the kidneys. In the early stage, there is usually asymptomatic, while along with the progression of illness condition, patients will suffer from numerous symptoms. For a 5.6 cyst in PKD, how to deal with it?

How dangerous is 5.6 cm cyst in polycystic kidney disease?

Generally speaking, there is no need to take treatment if the cyst is smaller than 3 cm. On the contrary, once cyst is bigger than 3 cm, it usually takes up the space of kidney tissues, causing damage to kidneys. As for a 5.6 cm cyst in PKD, it is obviously bigger, resulting in numerous illness condition like back pain, infection, blood urine, swelling, high blood pressure and so on. Therefore, effective treatment should be applied as soon as possible.

Well then, how to deal with the condition?

In western medicines, laparoscope is the most common treatment to deal with cysts. Under the work of laparoscope, doctor can find the location of renal cyst exactly, than cut open the cyst walls and drain out the cysts fluid, finally cut off the large part of cyst walls and burn the remained lesion cysts walls. Compared with puncture, laparoscope can decrease the recurrence rate of renal cyst, in addition, it also cause less wound and infection then other kinds of open surgery. However, there still are some bad options for using laparoscope, for example, it also can cause wound on kidney, even the wound is small.

While in China, we do use natural remedies like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which is a characterized treatment of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital. The active substances in medicine can kill the lesion calls in cyst wall, inhibit the cysts fluid secretion and control the growth and enlargement if the renal cyst. What’s more, the active ingredients in the treatment also can increase the permeability of blood circulation on cysts walls, promoting the cysts fluid flowing back to blood, so that the cyst can be shrunk. Compared to surgery, the treatment is more natural, safe and effective.

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