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New Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease in 2014

2014-10-19 15:19| Font Size A A A

New Treatment for Polycystic Kidney Disease in 2014What’s the new treatment to treat Polycystic Kidney Disease in 2014? Most people who are tortured by renal cysts may have this problem. One patient said “the size of my kidney cyst is more than 22cm and there is much pain in the stomach and in the back. What can I eat and what treatment should I do so as to keep away from infections and rupture?

Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a inherent kidney disease and characterized by the multiple cysts on one or both kidney(s). There is no cure for curing this kidney disease. But if ignored all the time, the illness condition can deteriorate. In most condition, renal cysts grow along with time and enlarge to a certain size, the illness condition can be different. Patients may suffer from severe pain in the stomach, kidney, back, flank and so on. In severe condition, if the cysts enlarge big enough, there is high risk of getting various infections like urinary tract infection, kidney infection, etc, since the kidney cysts are high risk of rupture. In order to prevent these condition, we should do something.

In western countries, surgery is widely applied by their doctors. However, in China, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, we do not suggest that. Instead, Traditional Chinese Medicine is widely used in our clinic. It includes Medicated Bath, Acupuncture, Hot Compress Therapy, Circle Therapy and so on. Now, in 2014, the latest treatment called Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is also created and used for shrink kidney cysts naturally. It is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine but used externally. Through the external application (on the Sheshu acupoints), the active ingredients of Chinese medicine can be permeated into kidney lesions. And the medicine can increase the permeability of cysts wall and drain the cystic fluid and excrete with urine. Compared to surgery, this Osmotherapy is more safe, effective and natural. After treatment, patients can feel relaxed, comfortable. More detailed info, please talk with our online doctors online or leave a message below. You are also welcomed to email to and we will do what we can help you.

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